"  The mobile gaming history will be spoken of as two timelines...before PUBG and after PUBG. "

The Inception Rules

Well actually the concept is easy to understand but very difficult to master. You get on this cargo-plane carrying up to 100 players and you 'chute onto an island(Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok) with only your fists. You decide the speed you want to glide ranging from 20km/hr up to 234 km/hr. You quickly gear up and start killing each other(not as bad as it sounds). A match could last up to ~30 mins or it could all get over in 2 seconds if things go south. The UI is pretty easy to use and a lot of consideration has been taken keeping the player's need in mind. From the double fire button to scoping, everything is within reach. After all, this makes the difference between life and death. It indeed is a bloody world out there!!! (and it is totally free too!)

The "Blue Ring of Death" and "Bots"

In order to ensure the quick finishing of game the developers have created something called "the play zone". One of the brilliant things I tend to notice is that the play-zone does not reduce to some random location but such that at least around half of the players are still in it. This ensures that the blue ring claims it's victims after giving ample time to escape. During the starting stages like the bronze league you are matched with bots and they tend to go down easily. This I feel is a brilliant tactic so that new players have a upper hand and are more easily persuaded to play more as they keep winning. Then the real blood bath starts later on as you level up ONCE YOU GET THE BASICS.

There can be only one winner. Let's Go!    Enemies ahead!                                                                                                       Assemble!

The mind boggling Graphics....

I really wish I could use some heart emoji's here....(love) (love) (love) . It is not only the graphics that impressed me but right down to the smallest details. They nailed it. It is the smallest things in life that make the difference and the developers made sure it did make the difference. Even during scoping the blades of grass come in between your eye and the scope :) and even though it is annoying, it makes it more real and that is what players want. The guns now have a natural touch to it when playing. The colors are now more realistic right from the gun to the grass.

The amount of detail is just too impressive for a mobile.

The time before SANHOK

Before Sanhok came into existence there were two islands Erangel(the bushy one) and Miramer(the dried out one). These two maps were almost of the same size at around 8*8 km. Sanhok is only one fourth of it. There was almost nothing except chatting during the short stay in the starter island but after the 0.8.0 update you can do much more(more on that later). There is nothing that hasn't improved after the update. It just made the perfect game more perfect.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

One of the most annoying things in this world (for gamers) are cheating gamers. PUBG has taken a step closer to making sure everyone plays fair. In the new update they have increased their security from cheeky patchers to make sure everybody plays ethically and by the rules.

The Tree(left), Paradise Resort(top right) and the Salt Farm(bottom left)

Improvements all around us

Okay so 'nough said, I will get down to the main improvements of the Sanhok update and how it helps us eat that "Chicken Dinner". Sanhok is a much smaller island and hence you could pretty much get around on foot (not advisable though). One thing I noticed is that the amount of weapons and gear are more tightly jammed together than the other 2 islands and hence it is more easy to gear up. The sheer amount of variety of locations in Sanhok is just impressive with so much detail. After all it is a rain forest!! The fog is not too foggy but just enough to give you that humid haze like feel.

During your short say at the island before deployment there is now so much things you can do. You can look at the flight route so you can plan where you want to jump. You can throw apples at each other (who would have thought at that)! You can now select the quantity of the auto pick up in the settings. This is one of the best feature of the game. It automatically finds the weapons and its attachments and it's ammo, then organizes it and tucks it in your backpack.

Ever had a time limited item in your inventory and also have it's timeless equivalent. You can now dismantle the time limited item for BP. After all it is a good way to make easy money.

PRO TIP: Don't go after kills, they will come to you.

Auto Pick-up, Flight Plan before Deployment, Throwing Apples, REALISTIC Fog

Weapons and an Armored Car

Remember that car in Jurassic Park. It sort of looks like the UAZ car in PUBG. Now imagine this car being bulletproof!!! But you can only obtain it though a Flare Gun. A flare gun is a rare gun that when shot into the sky (very important) inside the play-zone you get an air drop and if you use it outside the play-zone, you get a bulletproof UAZ to get you to that safe-zone safely. It would have been cool if it fired missiles too...

There is a new Automatic Rifle (the QBZ Assault Rifle). This Rifle does pretty well for short to mid range attack but doesn't do well for long range sniping without the fore-grip( just like how a Vector SMG is without an extended mag). It uses the lightweight 5.56 mm enabling us to carry more bullets for less storage. One of the most interesting vehicles is the new 4 seater muscle car that comes in both hard top and convertible versions. They have added a new attachment to shotguns i.e, Duckbill( cool name!) which reduces the vertical spread. There are many more smaller feature updates such as Clan titles, deleting friends in batches and more.

Adios, Amigos (SANHOK STYLE)

As a PUBG fanboy like myself I think that PUBG has went over and beyond my expectations in the new update and I will wait for the next update very eagerly. Ranging from Kho to Ban tie and from Camp Alpha to Camp Bravo everything was well planned and just what the mobile version needed at the right time. There is only one way to describe SANHOK. It is and always will be... as Barney Stinson says "Legen......wait for it.......Dary".

(How I met your mother)

Stay tuned for the .9 update :)