For all Sherlock Holmes fans out there,
Ever wondered if Sherlock Holmes could be real?

Well it's possible, not the real psychopath though, but a virtual one. Lets call it the big data cop.

We have so much of crime related data sets out there that it's possible to predict crimes even before it's gonna happen.

If we are lucky, we can even prevent one!


"Don't just see, observe" -SH

Sherlock Holmes looks for clues whereas our big data cop looks for crime patterns with the help of machine learning & data analytics.

Detecting fraud in financial transactions, identifying car thefts by actively monitoring CCTV footage, finding peak area of crimes are few of the vast deductions made possible by our big data cop.

It can even predict what crime is gonna happen!

Applying big data in solving crimes is not a new topic though.
Already many police departments have big data fighting
crimes like LAPD, Police Department of Manchester, etc...

India is taking steps too.