"Sometimes for a noble cause... It is fine to
betray the brotherhood!!!"

When I was in a dilemma of choosing my next blog's topic, saw a tweet by Assassin's Creed stating that "Assassins Creed Rogue" would be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (as "Assassins Creed Rogue Remastered"). This tweet made me excited as one of my favorites is going to be back for the powerful consoles as well as it ended my phase of topic turbulence.

Before I start about Rogue, I would like to give a brief about the Assassin's Creed series especially for those who are new to the series or even gaming.

The Assassin's Creed Series

There are two major groups in the series. The "Templars", who try to rob the people's freedom and also search for age-old mystical artifacts for controlling the latter. The other group, the "Assassins" (Main Playable Characters in the series) try to cease the templars' evil schemes on the people and get back their freedom.

Assassin's Creed Rogue

In this game, there is a transition for the players from playing as assassins to templars, especially as "Assassin Hunters".


With the series possessing a fan base which will foam at the mouth on seeing a Templar, presenting them a game which makes them play as a Templar will quite be a challenge.

The Plot

The above stated challenge was beautifully achieved by the game's plot. The game begins with a young Assassin "Shay Patrick Cormac" undergoing training and carrying out missions for the colonial brotherhood. His missions comprise of getting the objects which reveal the locations (Precursor Sites) of the mystical objects (Pieces of Eden) from the Templars. As he eventually progresses through his assigned missions he finally locates a precursor site at Lisbon and goes there for retrieving the artifact. But the act of him taking possession of artifact triggers an earthquake from which he has a narrow escape. Frustrated with his guilt for slaughtering innocents, he returns to his brotherhood and tries to explain to his mentor Achilles that the found artifact was responsible for the earthquake. But Achilles and the other Assassins don't listen to Shay which forces him to betray them for saving the world! The rest of the plot revolves around his efforts of stopping the assassins from reaching another precursor site as a Templar.

Idiosyncratic Introductions

Rather than focusing on every aspect of the game-play, I would like to highlight the aspects of Rogue which made it different from the series.

Moving around as a Templar

I don't know about how a common man in the game sees a Templar, but the Assassins don't take it light when they see one. They wait to attack Shay which makes the roaming part of the game interesting. The stalkers' presence can be identified by some weird voices and rose colored border flashes and their location can be identified by using the compass in the Eagle Vision. There is a cool side activity known as the Assassin Interception which makes the player save a target of the assassins from being assassinated. In the final assassin interception, the player himself becomes a target and must fight his way out which eventually unlocks a new outfit for Shay!!! Taking on a gang/military headquarters has been a common thing in the series but this game gives a small deviation from the normal. The gang leader to be killed is an Assassin who uses his skills to hide or escape from the player. This liberates the side activity from being a normal one. To conclude, being a Templar equips the player with a wide arsenal of weapons, notably the Grenade Launcher, and the player's ship with unique weapons like the burning oil.

The North Atlantic

One of the super coolest things about this game is the North Atlantic. It takes every aspect of the game to a different dimension, be it swimming, hunting or navigating the ship. Swimming in the cold waters for a while gradually starts lowering Shay's health along with visual effects like the screen freezing gradually and audio of Shay shivering. The fauna of North Atlantic makes hunting a different experience. Navigating the ship in the North Atlantic is quite an exhilarating experience. Factors contributing to it are battle in the storm, breaking through ice sheets, creation of waves by firing on icebergs which inflicts damage on small enemy ships in that region.

Before saying Bye...

Assassin's Creed Rogue is a great game for those seeking adventure on both land and sea. Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered is going to be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in March, facilitating the game to be experienced through the powerful consoles.