Craving for some "old guns", "pistol duels", "riding horses", "bounty hunts", "lassoing" or to simply say "lots of gun firing missions" then this your game!!!.

"Red Dead Redemption", a wild west based game, is an absolute delight for all those who want to play as an expert gunslinger. I had great fun in playing this game which was quite a long back. About a couple of months ago, saw the trailer of its successor "Red Dead Redemption 2", which will essentially be its prequel. Not a comment that will surprise you - "the trailer was absolutely stunning". It was then, I recollected some old memories of me playing that game. So wanted to share the things I loved about the game.

The plot's theme

Want to have a game which makes you sit on the edge of your chair while you play it - then the game must definitely have a good plot.The plot revolves about how "John Marston",a former outlaw, does the errands for the government agents who have his son and wife under captivity. The errands comprise of getting his former gang brought to justice.

His journey of getting his former gang members down consists of several twists and turns which raises the pulse. He meets up with several types of people during his pursuit of "Bill Williamson","Javier Escuella"," and "Dutch van der Linde"(His former allies). For gaining the strangers' help, he has to help them in their tasks. Every character he meets is unique which makes the tasks related to them unique. At times, he herds the cows into the ranch or at times, leads a group of rebels into a fort. Such variations ensure that game is not being monotonous.

The Weaponry

You might feel "WHATS BIG IN THAT? WILL BE A SET OF GUNS....". But after you complete the game you won't have that feeling at all. As the missions proceed we will get to play with "Gatling gun", "fire bottles", "dynamite","throwing knives","lasso"(in case you need the target alive), "sniper rifle"(the one used in early twentieth century) and the a set of "early twentieth century guns". With each weapon having its distinct set of features makes the game so interesting.

A Vast Map

Players get the chance to explore the various terrains alongside the border of America and Mexico. The visual detailing of every terrain is astonishing. But tread carefully through the terrains, you might be close to a group of bandits and a bounty target or a wild animal might attack you!

The Game-play

There is no health-bar in this game. Got excited of thinking to have infinite health. No we don't ;). I stressed upon it because the game has a different way of telling us that our health is reducing than using the boring health-bar. As we get attacked or hurt, drops/splash of blood appear on the screen. With continuous attacks or hurts, the region of blood marks increases giving us a deadly feel or indication of immediate death. On protecting ourselves from further hits, the screen gradually turns to normal.

There is a shooting technique available for the players called the "Dead Eye" to exploit the quick shooting responses of John Marston to take out multiple targets quickly.

There are a few missions involving trains - either we take them into possession or sometimes we protect them from being damaged. Using a "Gatling gun" (fixed in the train) while the train is moving to take out enemies was a very different experience.

Another cool aspect I enjoyed is that shooting in low light locations such as the mansion to which "Seth" takes us to find the treasure. In these locations, sometimes, we can hardly see the targets that we have to use the sparks of the gunshot to adjust our aim.

Apart from the main missions there are "several side quests", "random events" and "card games" which makes the game further more interesting.

Before saying Bye...

"Red Dead Redemption" has been a great game which has instilled high expectations in me for "Red Dead Redemption 2". Eagerly waiting for its release.