We lived in a generation where SIM cards used to be valid for years. I remember a BSNL plan named 'Kurinji plan' which had a validity of  whopping 12 years. Now few telecom services plan to change the game, Validity from years to days!

People who use Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea must have received a message by now stating that your validity is about to expire. If not you will receive one for sure! You may have a question at the back of your head by now, Why so, Why me?


The amount of money some people spend per month on mobile recharges is very low. Mobile networks face heavy loss when people recharge less often. Like recharging 10 rupees and using it for 10 years ;-)

Also many people in India use dual sim cards, may be for data pack offers, mobile network coverage or some other personal reasons which are not discussed here for our best interests ;-). This initiative aims to retain only people who use their mobile network as the  primary SIM.

Yes! they are going to loose their customer base, but they believe that this will be useful in the long run.

Also this can be seen as a trick to push people recharge unlimited plans!

Is it a good step?

There are many positive impacts (For the company ;-) ) and still few potholes.

People in rural areas may suffer a lot as many use their mobile phones purely for incoming calls and don't recharge often. Now they face the problem of recharging at least 34  rupees per month (depending on the network) for having a valid SIM card.

Most of them are still living in 2G !

Lets wait and watch!

Only time can tell whether this attempt is a success or a failure. It's also pushing the extinction of 2G in some ways. The public sector competitor BSNL has not announced any plans like this yet. If they also enter this game rural people get affected for sure as BSNL is one of the few networks available throughout India. Jio doesn't face this issue as they already have a similar scheme implemented.

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