Does playing against the regular computerized enemies make you feel bored?? Want to have some action with live players??

Then this is your Game!!!!

Fortnite Battle Royale is an online live action game where you can play against live players. Around 100 players are dropped on a single map and players have to collect resources and weapons for ensuring their survival. This game has become a sensation that it has even got people who don't play and celebs into playing it. Many gamers bring out cool gameplay videos almost everday. Me being a great fan of this game, thought of bringing out this blog based on both my playing experience as well as my inferences from some cool YouTube videos.

Before speaking about the game's various features, I would like to highlight the fact which I felt that would definitely interest everyone was...The game is absolutely FREE to play


Yeah, all you need is to download it and get online to play the game.You can play a solo game and there are also other game modes such as duos and squads where you can play with your friends. In case of your friends are offline while you want to play a team game, you can still play with random players who are automatically grouped.
There is an in-game currency called V-bucks which can be purchased using real money. V-bucks can be used to purchase additional new skins, gliders, harvesting tools etc for fancy and awesome looks.

Get Ready to Jump!!!


Fortnite Battle Royale has a single huge map with a large number of places to land. With the Battle Bus flying over the map, time your jump according to where you need to land. Loot the treasure chests and ammo boxes ( spread out across the map ) to get various kinds of weapons, its ammunitions , shield potions, med kits and many more. There are various efficiency(power)/availability levels in the types of loot ( especially weapons ), which are differentiated by different colors such as gray, green, blue, purple and orange. There are even many types of weapons such as Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and many more. While playing, have the perfect combination of weapons and meds as there are only five slots available for carrying them.

Awaken the Builder within!!


One of the most important parts of this game is building. The more you are proficient with it, the better are your chances for survival. Gun fights with real players are not always easy and the only ticket you have for victory is to build over them, gain a height advantage and then finish them off. Many people tend to lose their gun fights because they run out of resources (wood,stone and metal) or they don't build around to protect themselves against enemy fire. In the former case, it is advisable to harvest resources whenever possible for maintaining sufficient levels of resources which really helps in fights. In the latter case, players must get the habit of building around them along with a ramp when attacked. This provides several advantages. First it enhances your defence. Second, it buys you time to find the attacker and also helps you find the attacker in case he/she tries to attack again. Third, if the attacker is far away, you even get time for healing yourself. So try to concentrate on your building skills which will definitely improve your play.

Storm's supper?!


The feature which enhances the game's fun level is the Storm. With the storm converging, players are forced to rush to a randomly generated circular region within a short span of time. Failing which they will be caught in the storm, which would consume their health eventually. With the circle (region not in storm) becoming smaller and smaller each time, the fights among the remaining players become much more intense.

Craters and Meteorite Crystals!!!


With Season 4 launched recently , we can come across various craters which have been introduced to the map with the biggest one at Dusty Divot ( previously Dusty Depot ). These craters are present with the regular chests and meteorite crystals. The fun part is that these crystals on consumption provide you with the abilities of high jump and fast movement for some time. Apart from the crater locations, there have been other new locations introduced, which have saved the map from becoming an old boring one!

Before saying bye...

Fortnite being a blend of both building as well as a combat game, makes most of the new players to take some time to get adapted to the game. But this blend makes it one of the most popular games on the planet. So have FUN!!!