Some of us know & some of us don't!

Let's make it even,
take a trip, visit the link below and come back.

After visiting the link, some be like "Ok, Google knows a little about me".

Not feeling creepy yet, check the next link.


"Ok fine, Google knows a lot more about me... so what?"

Google knows about your contacts, purchase, location, browsing history and even your favorite cookie!

We live in a world where they say data is the new currency

It's not only google, all our online activities ie) our digital footprints are tracked, monitored & even stored through various techniques & technologies.

It's not illegal, because we are the one who has given access to them.

Remember the window... I accept the terms & conditions


But are we giving more access to Google?
Not sure?

After visiting the next link I bet you'll know the answer to the blog's title "Am I owned by Google"

Do you have the habit of allowing Google to save passwords?
I do!, if you are like me click the link below


Ha Ha... Now we all have creeped, I guess!

They even have an option to view the saved password of other sites we use.
I don't know why they have given that option, It's totally insane!

Give the right person, the right password & your life could get screwed in the wrong direction!

Collection of data is good in some sense,
but sometimes it may change the total sense.

Like in the future the world may evolve into a place where we do stuff like purchasing, supporting some politicians ;-) etc.. even when we don't want to but we are forced to, because of the illusion around us they create through the data they own about us!

We will be forced to work for them like organic robots!

Let's hope that the day doesn't come.

As of now what we can do is keep our accounts safe and stay tuned to The Tech Cache to know a lot about the tech world we live in.